ODP Leg 201(2002) 

Scientific Expeditions


28. Chief scientist, the JAMSTEC KR18-04 cruise, IODP T-Limit Site C0023 at  Nankai Trough protothrust zone for the CORKed temperature data retrieval and shallow piston coring (ROV Kaiko and R/V Kairei)


27. Chief scientist, the first Chikyu SCORE Program Expedition 910, Deep Learning of Deep Life: Exploring impact of submarine landslides on deep biosphere-evolution off Erimo (D/V Chikyu)


26. Co-chief scientist, the IODP Expedition 370 “Temperature-Limit of the Deep Biosphere off Muroto” (w/ Verena B. Heuer, Yuki Morono; D/V Chikyu)


25. Shipboard scientist, the JAMSTEC NT15-15 cruise, the submarine mud volcano no. 1 off Tanegashima, Japan (ROV Hyper-Dolphin and R/V Natsushima)


24. Chief scientist, the JAMSTEC NT13-15 cruise, the Sea of Japan methane hydrate fields off Joetsu (ROV Hyper-Dolphin and R/V Natsushima)

23. Shipboard scientist, the JAMSTEC KR13-02 piston-coring cruise, the Northwestern Pacific off Minamitorishima (R/V Kairei)


22. Co-chief scientist, the IODP Expedition 337 “Deep coalbed biosphere off Shimokita” (w/ Prof. Kai-Uwe Hinrichs, Univ. Bremen, D/V Chikyu)

21. Chief scientist, the JAMSTEC Expedition 906 (CK12-03) “The Kumano Mud-Volcano Drilling II: Exploration of Deep Matter from the Natural Pipeline” (D/V Chikyu)


20. Co-chief scientist, the IODP Expedition 329 “South Pacific Gyre Subseafloor Life” (w/ Prof. Steven D’Hondt, URI, D/V JOIDES Resolution)


19. Chief scientist, the JAMSTEC NT10-06 Leg 3 cruise, the southern Okinawa Trough Yonaguni Knoll IV CO2-seeps (ROV Hyper-Dolphin and R/V Natsushima)


18. Chief scientist, the Chikyu Training Cruise CK09-01 “The Kumano Mud-Volcano Drilling I: A Window to the Deep Biosphere” (D/V Chikyu).

17. Shipboard scientist, the JAMSTEC NT09-01 cruise, the South Chamorro seamount of the Mariana forearc (ROV Hyper-Dolphin and R/V Natsushima


16. Shipboard scientist, the JAMSTEC KR08-05 Abismo cruise at the Mariana Trench (R/V Kairei)

15. Shipboard scientist, the SO196-SUMSUN Germany-Japan collaboration cruise, the southern Okinawa Trough hydrothermal fields and CO2 seeps (R/V Sonne)


14. Shipboard scientist, the IODP Expedition 316, the Nankai Trough seismogenic zone (D/V Chikyu)


13. Chief shipboard scientist, the Chikyu Shakedown Cruise CK06-06 off Shimokita Peninsula, Japan (D/V Chikyu)

12. Chief scientist, the JAMSTEC YK06-06 German-Japan collaborative cruise, the Japan Trench cold seeps (Shinkai 6500 and R/V Yokosuka)


11. Vice-chief scientist, the JAMSTEC NT05-18 cruise, the Northern Mariana Arc

hydrothermal fields (ROV Hyper-Dolphin and R/V Natsushima)


10. Shipboard scientist, the IODP Expedition 301, the Juan de Fuca Ridge Flank

(D/V JOIDES Resolution

9. Vice-chief scientist, the JAMSTEC YK04-05 cruise, the Southern Okinawa

Trough hydrothermal field (Shinkai 6500 and R/V Yokosuka)


8. Chief scientist, the JAMSTEC NT03-09 cruise, the Mid-Okinawa Trough

hydrothermal field (ROV Hyper-Dolphin and R/V Natsushima)

7. Shipboard scientist, the JAMSTEC NT03-08 cruise, the Kagoshima Bay

CO2 bubbling site (ROV Hyper-Dolphin and R/V Natsushima)

6. Shipboard scientist, the JAMSTEC YK03-05 cruise, the Southern Okinawa

Trough hydrothermal field (Shinkai 6500 and R/V Yokosuka)


5. Chief scientist, the JAMSTEC NT02-02 cruise, the mid-Okinawa Trough

hydrothermal field (Shinkai 2000 and R/V Natsushima

4. Shipboard scientist, the JAMSTEC YK02-02 cruise, the Nankai Trough (Shinkai 6500 and R/V Yokosuka

3. Shipboard scientist, the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 201, the Eastern Equatorial Pacific and Peru Margin (D/V JOIDES Resolution)


2. Shipboard scientist, the JAMSTEC KR01-09 cruise, the Mid-Okinawa Trough hydrothermal fields (R/V Kairei​)


1. Shipboard scientist, the JAMSTEC YK00-04 cruise, the Japan Trench cold seeps (Shinkai 6500 and R/V Yokosuka

​JOIDES Resolution

IODP Exp. 337, Site C0020

off Hachinohe, Sep. 2012